Puretec Inline Filter with Faucet – Rural Water


High Loop Designer Faucet with slim filter, 1 micron, for rural water

Compact, easy to install filter system for safe and healthy drinking water. The Puretec X4 Series system is designed to effectively reduce sediment, bad taste and odours to leave you with beautiful tasting drinking water.


• Silver impregnated to prevent bacterial growth and extend cartridge life.
• Effectively reduces sediment, bad taste and odours in water.
• Doesn’t remove essential minerals or fluoride.
• Filtration down to 1 micron*.
• Quick and easy installation.
• Mounts horizontally or vertically – no shelf cutouts required.
• All plumbing installation fittings included – no extras needed.
• Multifunction control valve included for pressure reduction.
• Filter change reminder light – LED changes from blue to red.

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